About Us


Based on our study of God’s Word, we have concluded First Baptist Church LaFollette has 6 core values. These are the foundational values the entire ministry of our church is built. Therefore, these are the foundational values every ministry of our church will be evaluated on and filtered through. While our core values are fixed, our methods are flexible.


We Value Obedience (Matthew 28:20, John 14:15, acts 2:42)

We become more like Christ by practicing the spiritual disciplines. Striving to become more like Christ affirms our commitment to make disciples of those who are followers of Christ. As we devote ourselves to Christ’s teaching we also make conscious decisions to embrace those things that will build us up in the faith while letting go of things that tear faith down. At FBCL obedience to God based on His Word is seen as the ultimate act of devotions to Him. Therefore, we believe obedience to God’s Word should be paramount in our practice in the spiritual life and how we practice church. Our obedience to God’s Word supersedes any traditional practice or method.


We Value Biblical Teaching (Acts 2:42-43)

The Bible is the standard and final authority that governs our doctrine, our direction and our behavior both inside and outside the church. The church should remain biblically focused while striving to be culturally relevant. The Bible is the only absolute standard for faith and practice. At FBCL we are committed to studying, applying, and practicing the Word of God in all ministries and to every aspect of our lives.


We Value Worship – Personal and Corporate (Acts 2:42, 47)

We believe when God is the object of our worship, all of our other core values are strengthened. Evangelism and ministry flow out of a life that has truly learned to worship. Christ-likeness and servant-mindedness are cultivated in the environment of genuine worship. We believe the greatest privilege and responsibility of Christians is to give glory, honor, and praise to God through worship. Worship is an overflow of the heart. At FBCL worship must always be a faithful expression of the good news of Jesus Christ as the Gospel proclaimed in word and song.


We Value Outreach – Service and Evangelism (Acts 2:40-41, 47)

Our Church is a body of baptized believers focused on reaching the lost and bringing them to a relationship with Jesus Christ. We value earning the right to be heard to share the message about Jesus Christ. We are continually encouraging church members to live and share their faith in credible, creative, and caring ways with others in the community and the world. As a result of this commitment, at FBCL, our primary goal for church growth is to reach the unchurched through serving them and telling them about our Savior. Lost people matter to God and, therefore matter to us. We are sincerely committed to spreading the message of Jesus Christ in our community and in the world.


We Value Relationships (Acts 2:42, 44-46)

We see the early believers praying together, eating together, and caring for one another. Church is not a building; it is people who know and love Jesus Christ and each other. Therefore, our commitment is to people, not to programs or facilities. Loving and caring relationships should permeate every aspect of church life. We want to be known in the community as a church that can help strengthen marriages, families, and friendships. At FBCL we want to be known for providing relationships that move people closer to a relationship with Christ or deepen their relationship with Christ. We are committed to providing opportunities for developing deep Christian relationships through multiple avenues.


We Value Prayer (Acts 2:42, 1 Thes. 5:17)

Prayer is a central aspect to the spiritual life. Prayer reminds us of our desperate need for a Savior and His provisions in our life. Prayer energized our work and witness. Prayer collects our brokenness and our hurts while putting them at the feet of Jesus. Prayer allows us to speak and listen to the God who created the universe. We pray because we need God’s blessing in all we do. We pray for wisdom and strength to know God’s will and to be faithful in doing it. We pray because God asks us to pray. We pray because God provides through prayer. We pray to give thanks and to ask forgiveness. Every member of FBCL is encouraged to grow in their personal prayer lives and to join with the church body for prayer regularly.


FBCL Mission Statement (Matt 28:19-20)

To lovingly lead our community into an ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ.